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I use the above website to record all notes and share documents with the students for easy access at home. This includes if they happen to misplace their copy of homework or anything they need in the classroom. Feel free to click the link above to be redirected there!
About Me:

I graduated from Frenship High School in 2009 and continued my education at both Lubbock Christian and Texas Tech University. At Tech, I was a summa cum laude graduate with a Multidisciplinary Studies Bachelor's degree. While pursuing my passion of playing softball in college, I found both joy and happiness in helping others succeed.

Therefore, I decided that the impact I want to make in this world is through educating kids in the classroom and on the field. This year marks my fourth year to be back at my Alma Mater as a teacher and my fifth year in education. I am privileged to coach as assistant to my own high school softball coach and assisting our volleyball coach in her program, as well. Even more so, I am honored to be teaching Algebra I to students who are just starting at our Ninth Grade Center!

I married my high school sweetheart, Scott Williams, in July of 2013. He completed his Master's degree in Molecular Pathology and works as a genetic counselor/medical technician with Covenant, and now I am continuing my education towards a master's degree in Education. He is the science guru and I am the math nerd, so we make a good team.

All in all, teaching and coaching have been huge blessings in my life, and I am excited to continually be given the opportunity to be a part of the Frenship family.

Class Schedule
1st/5th Period - Algebra I
2nd/6th Period - Algebra I
3rd/7th Period - Conference
4th/8th Period - Athletics