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Ninth Grade Center

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NGC Virtual Learning

Welcome to the FHS Ninth Grade Center Virtual Learning page! Frenship ISD is committed to providing a premier learning environment for ALL students. Virtual Learning courses are taught by certified Frenship ISD teachers using Schoology, an online learning management system used to streamline all digital resources and content for a more connected learning experience.


Learn more about Frenship’s mitigation practices and enhanced cleaning procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19:

Switching Instructional Methods


Parents will be asked to make a commitment for at least one full six-week grading period. Special circumstances that affect a family will be considered on a case-by-case basis by our FHS Ninth Grade Center administration. To switch your child’s instruction method, please give our front office a call: 806.866.0110.


If you received a notification for a cancellation or denial of Virtual Learning CLICK HERE.



Returning Technology Devices
If you have a laptop, charger, hotspot, or any other device checked out from the district for Virtual Learning, please return those to the Ninth Grade Center by Friday, May 21. 
You may bring all devices to the main office, and we will check them in for you.
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Virtual Learning Parent Orientation

This will not be live instruction. A structured schedule will be provided to students indicating required times for participation. 
All students are set up in classrooms through Schoology. Here you will be able to access all assignments and online resources given by your student's teachers.
Schoology Log-in:
    • Username: (firstname.lastname + last 2 of student ID) @
    • Password: returning students = password from previous year / new students = Student ID + initials
Need Help Logging in? 
If you do not know your login information or need help logging in contact the: Technology Help Desk
Who do I contact for help on assignments?
Each content teacher can help through email, Teams, or Remind. Please reach out so they know you need help.
2 - Pencils/pens
1 - Folder with pockets (1 per subject area)
1 - 12 count colored pencils 
1 - Spiral notebook or composition notebook (1 per subject area)
*Virtual Learning teachers will communicate any additional course specific supplies.

9th-12th Grade
Sample Virtual Schedule

Blue Day

Gold Day


90 minutes


90 minutes


90 minutes

Social Studies

90 minutes

Elective 1

90 minutes

Elective 2

90 minutes

Virtual Learners who need technology assistance can check out a device and WiFi hotspot. If your Virtual Learner needs to check out technology, please call the Ninth Grade Center at 806-866.0110.


If you are having issues logging into Schoology or other technical issues, please contact our Frenship Technology Help Desk by clicking here:
The Frenship Technology Department also created hotspots at each campus, including the NGC, with expanded WiFi signals that reach the parking lot areas. A Virtual Learner can remain in the vehicle in the NGC parking lot, and connect their device to the campus WiFi. Students can sign in with their Frenship user name and password, just as they would in a teacher’s classroom or computer labs. A student may use any of the hotspots regardless of what campus they attend.
All Virtual Learners can eat for breakfast and lunch for free five days a week. 
  • Meal pickup time is Tuesday from 1:00-2:00. 
  • Meals must be picked up at either Westwind or the FHS Ninth Grade Center.
  • Meals will be packed for 5 days and include breakfast and lunch.



Teachers have the responsibility to:
  • Foster community building and interaction among students on a regular basis
  • Guarantee that virtual learning expectations, including grading assignment expectations are clearly stated
  • Monitor assignment submissions and remind students of missed and/or upcoming deadlines
  • Provide a response to student inquiries within 24 hours
  • Provide timely and meaningful feedback on student work using clear and concise language
  • Communicate to students, in advance, when they will grade and return all assignments and tests
Students have the responsibility to:
  • Log in to Schoology daily and complete all required lessons and assignments in digital coursework
  • Take ownership and responsibility for their performance
  • Communicate with the teacher when they do not understand
  • Set goals and be active learners
Parents have the responsibility to:
  • Initiate communication with the teacher when concerns arise or support is needed
  • Assist with establishing a work environment conducive to learning
  • Provide appropriate level of support for the student
  • Stay current with following student’s grades in Skyward

The teacher will identify the student as Remote Asynchronous (RA) Present. In order to be counted present the student does not have to be present at a designated official attendance time.


In order for a student to be counted “Present,” the student must engage in at least one of the following ways each day:

  • Student has shown daily progress in Schoology
  • Student has shown daily progress via teacher-student interactions
  • Student has completed/turned-in assignment(s) to the teacher

 *Attendance in Skyward does not need to be taken daily and typically would not happen the same day, as the information as to whether engagement occurred might not be available until the following day.


*A Schoology report will be pulled on Monday to review student engagement to determine which days the student was Present or Absent for the previous week.

The expectations for coursework and the grading system will be the same for both Face-to-Face and Virtual Learning. Frenship ISD believes this is the most fair and equitable solution for all our students. Applicable courses in 9-12 grade will be included in calculating GPA and class rank for both Face-to-Face and Virtual Learners.
The goal for exams is to allow teachers to effectively gain a clear assessment of the student’s abilities.  In order to ensure academic integrity, we are asking students to come face to face to take their exams.  As a District, we have purposefully selected dates, times, and locations that will limit student interaction with others. Not all courses will require a face to face test, please refer to your Schoology course for assessment information. The District will follow all COVID-19 mitigation practices, including required face coverings, social distancing, and enhanced cleaning procedures. Additionally, all testing areas will be frequently sanitized throughout the day and disinfected at the end of each day.



Testing centers:  Ninth Grade Center and Frenship High School cafeteria/student center on Saturdays. 


Your subject area teacher will be communicating test dates with you via Schoology.  If you have questions or concerns please contact your teacher.